Monday, January 22, 2018

If you practice yoga only in the evening, because of the working hours, and you have a habit of something to eat through, consider our proposals for light late-night meals, which will give you no problems.

carrots soup

Homemade cream of vegetable soup is simple and fast to make, making sure that the house always has a ready broth, which will shorten the cooking time.

The carrots soup

On some olive oil you can stew little onions and plenty of carrots, pour the broth, seasoned with ginger salt and pepper, grind it and that’s it.

This soup is rich in vitamins C and A and magnesium.

Instead of heavy sandwiches with meat products, make yourself easier variant with humus, lettuce and vegetables, you can flask briefly bake in a pan … stomach will thank you.

Stew various vegetables in a pan or wok, pour a little soy sauce, add the fresh spinach at the end, and, if desired, tofu, and you’re ready to rest without a guilty conscience after yoga.

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