Monday, January 22, 2018

Who would have thought that such a small piece of the inflamed skin can make so much pain? Hangnails can be very boring, but very persistent problem, but we have a cure for it.


Hangnail arise because the nail is growing much faster than the skin around the nail causing them to break and create sores. In this case, the skin may be swollen and very reddened. If you not treated on time, hangnails can cause more serious problems such as inflammation of the nail, which can be very painful or infection that can cause purulent inflammation.

Hangnail treatment in a natural way

Hangnail occur mainly in people who have dry skin if the body lacks certain vitamins and minerals, and may be due to the use of chemical agents.

To naturally treat hangnails in cold water overnight soak 50 g mallow, by the next day, before bedtime strain it, and use it as a warm bath for hands and feet. The root of the nail can smear with cream of marigold.

Damaged and polish the leaves lubricate with the juice of onion or buttercup, as often as possible during the day so you maintain healthy nails and prevent any hangnail.

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