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Retinoids may be too intense for dry skin and it can further dry out it.

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Dry skin is not only an aesthetic problem, but creates a feeling of unease. You should know that a large number of products, which are designed exclusively for dry skin, actually contain ingredients that are further drying. Some of the ingredients you should definitely avoid.


Although this ingredient is used most often to relieve acne, pimples and reduce the visibility of wrinkles, experts point out that retinoids may be too intense for dry skin and it can further dry out.


Most cosmetic products contain at least small amounts of alcohol. To truly nourish your skin, use natural products that do not contain alcohol.

Salicylic acid

Although it will assist you in removing dead skin cells, but please do not use if you have dry skin because it will dry out. It is best to consult a dermatologist regarding how the highest percentage of salicylic acid must have product for skin care.

Fragrances and preservatives

They are the leading cause of allergic skin reactions, which are usually skin dryness, peeling and depigmentation. If you’ve noticed a similar reaction of the skin after using products with fragrances and preservatives, immediately discontinue use.

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